693: ability to attach a comment when clicking [Submitted]

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July 4, 2011
268, 1021, 1052
I'd like to be able to attach a comment when clicking [Submitted] to
close out a review.  I generally want to tag the review with the
changeset number that checked it in.

Currently, pending review edits are committed when you click
[Submitted].  This technically satisfies my wish, but it's rather
counter-intuitive.  Also, it sends email to reviewers.  That's not 100%
bad but should be a per-user option with values: { never [default];
only on reviews I was requested to review; only on reviews I've actually
commented on }.

UI: clicking [Submitted] pops up a comment edit window; if you [Publish]
immediately, it goes in with no comment; if you type a comment, it
appears in the list of review comments just like other comments, but
visually marked (e.g. "[Submitted]" in the header line).

[ It would be nice to integrate this with bug tracking & version control
systems so submission & changeset info could be captured automatically.
But this would be incredibly difficult even if reviewboard was tightly
bound to a single bug tracker & vcs: was it closed because this fix was
checked in, a fix elsewhere pinched off this code path, we decided it
wasn't a bug or wasn't important?  So this is useless wishlist stuff. ]
#1 chipx86
This should really be done for both discarding and for setting submitted. We'll need
API-level support for this as well.
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#3 chipx86
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#5 david
As listed in bug 268, we should mark the date in the "submitted" entry in the
history, even if no comment was added.
#7 chipx86
  • +Milestone-Release1.5
#8 chipx86
Pushing back to 1.6.
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#9 nah****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
It would be nice if the field was a list of changes, to handle the post-commit workflow:
- commit r123
- create a review with "change numbers" set to "123"
- commit an additional fix r234
- update review with "change numbers" set to "123, 234"

Also, this requires post-review to have a parameter "--add-change-number"
#10 chipx86
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#11 chipx86
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#12 chipx86
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#13 david
Fixed in master 0a7c2f8. Thanks!
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