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#3 a-dogg

So just to reiterate, the problem appears to be, RB is not fetching the left-hand-side file contents correctly.

RB should be able to fetch the left-hand-side file contents correctly. The files were deleted in SVN and don't exist at HEAD revision, but they do exist at the revision specified in the patch file.


$ svn cat $NETREPO/espresso/trunk/product-spec.json
svn: warning: W160013: File not found: revision 1887978, path '/espresso/trunk/product-spec.json'
svn: E200009: Could not cat all targets because some targets don't exist
svn: E200009: Illegal target for the requested operation

# If I download the diff from the RB, the 1st line for each file-entry reads like:
#    "--- espresso/trunk/product-spec.json  (revision 1695130)"
# ... which tells me the left-hand-side file contents should be fetched from revision 1695130
$ svn cat $NETREPO/espresso/trunk/product-spec.json@1695130 | tail -5
    "databases": {},
    "repo_name": "DDS"
  "description": "Elastic, Scalable, Performant, Reliable, Extensible, Stable, Speedy, and Operational"

As you can see, it is possible to fetch the correct left-hand-side file contents, given the correct revision, but for whatever reason reviewboard doesn't seem to be doing that - it is failing out due to the fact that the files no longer exist at the specified location.

#1 amiryal

Actually, my shell_quote implementation can’t work, even if I add handling of quotation characters and backslashes, because I could not find a way to escape newline characters.

#3 Misery


#2 amalik2

Working on it

#2 amalik2

I'll try this one

#3 nicolelisa

Relatedly: it also goes back to the "All Results" tab when clicking next from the "Review Requests" tab.

#2 nicolelisa

I can reproduce this and will take this one.

#2 cathyqin

I'd like to try this.

#2 amalik2

I'm trying to work on this one

#2 perplex

I can take a shot at this.