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#3 chipx86

Should be fixed for the upcoming Djblets 1.0.12/Review Board 3.0.15 releases (6731d9b977f13687405089cf792ce21210209327 on Djblets release-1.0.x).

#2 chipx86

I think I see why. We'll get a fix for 3.0.15.

#1 Abhishek

I accidentally submitted the ticket early:

Q. What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
A. The diff between rev-1 and rev-2 is not correct diff. The images highlight the differences.
In rev-1: L1037 - 1039 were removed.
In rev-2: L1037 - 1039 removed in Revision 1 added back.
In diff between rev-1 and rev-2: The change (L1037 - 1039 added back) not picked up/shown in the diff.

#1 splatter2

I upgraded to reviewboard 3.0.14 and I am experiencing the same behavior.

Note that I have None selected as "Default avatar service" under "Avatar Services" in the admin settings.

#1 Tab10id

Fixed in 3.0.13. Thanks!

#2 samsun387

We are encountering this issue as well. Basically any user with SVN 1.10 would be affected by this.

#1 gcleary

Actually, we're running ReviewBoard 3.0.8, not 3.0.3.

#2 a-dogg

We use an in-house product which runs RBTools "under the hood".

It looks like SVN recognizes the base revision - see attached screenshot.