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#8 tsaintvil

Hello, my org is experiencing a similar issues with interdiffs. Are there any updates on the status of this ticket?

#2 chipx86

Yeah, I can verify this. I'll take a look. We're pretty swamped right now, but I should be able to get it in for 3.0.18 (release date TBD).

#1 theBoss

Any possibility to get this verified and fixed?

#1 jk_007

Forgot to mention: in the comment view, the diff for the same file is displayed correctly.

#3 Misery

This extension will revoke all previous ShipIts automcatically if the user uploads a new diff. You don't need to revoke it manually.

#2 davidbernstein

Thanks for the response!
When applying this setting, will any user be able to revoke shipits on their own posts? Or just admins?