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#2 amiryal

New version of the fix:

New version of the logging and fix for sending credentials:

#5 mconley

Whoops - should have read the bug more closely. Here's Settings > General.

#4 david

We don't particularly care to compare it against the dashboard widgets. Compare it with the roundrect box on Settings > General.

#3 mconley

For reference, I'll attach some screenshots showing the difference on my local server. The difference in appearance a bit subtle - notice, for example, the dropshadow in the dashboard widgets is missing from the security center.

#3 keanweng97

I will try this out.

#2 bnie

I will work on this.

#2 ruonanjia

I'll take it

#2 MarcusBoay

I would like to take this bug

#1 amiryal

I now have a fix running our production site and a forward-ported version of the fix up for review. The proposed patch series also includes additional logging and a fix for sending credentials unconditionally to servers that do not respond with 401.

#3 david

We haven't had any problems here for a long time.