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#2 LittleGrey

I'll take a shot at this.

#1 david

Not actually sure this is easy but perhaps it is.

#3 brokenalarms

Thanks! You'll make a lot of people at LinkedIn happy.

#2 hxqlin

will look into this

#3 mkoerner

Wanted to pitch in that there's at least one other person who would appreciate a fix for this. I think scmccarthy summarizes the problem very nicely.

Maybe I'm missing context that would make this bug hard to fix, but david's response doesn't make me confident that this is necessarily a fundamental issue with the algorithm.

#1 david

We'll need to see the errors from the log files. LinkedIn has a support contract with us--please ask the admins to reach out to us privately with the logs.

#20 chipx86

We want this too. It can be done through a custom extension, but to do it really well, built-in, requires a lot of work on our representation of bug trackers within Review Board. We're aiming to start on this once Review Board 4.0 launches.

#19 basil

Like the others above, I would be very interested in Review Board having the ability to update a JIRA issue with a link back to the review.

#2 david

2.5.9 is quite old, and several bugs relating to the counts have been fixed since. Please upgrade to the latest version and reopen if you encounter this again.

#1 manojm321

Note that running following command fixed this issue:

rb-site manage /RB/install/path fixreviewcounts