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#2 david

2.5.9 is quite old, and several bugs relating to the counts have been fixed since. Please upgrade to the latest version and reopen if you encounter this again.

#1 manojm321

Note that running following command fixed this issue:

rb-site manage /RB/install/path fixreviewcounts

#2 xiahui

Thanks, I use Gitlab, I setup git repository by git Lab settings. And it is wokring fine.

#1 david

You didn't share exactly how the git repository is configured on the server, but I'm guessing you just dropped in the clone URL, which won't work. Git's remote protocol isn't sufficient for Review Board, and you'll need an intermediate API layer such as rb-gateway, GitWeb, or cgit. See for details.

#2 xiahui

May I know any update about this iss? I am facing the same error.

#1 chipx86

Strange. I haven't encountered this myself.

Do any of the files shown in that diff viewer have very long unbreakable lines? We have seen situations where this causes issues. We set the proper CSS to tell the browser to force the lines to wrap, but have occasionally seen regressions in browsers trying to handle this.

#1 MRBean

I meet the same question too,did you resolve it?