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#2 chipx86

This was fixed in Review Board 3.0.15. It was due to a change in the URL for the CDN we used for Emoji.

#1 OmShiv

Checking to see if the issue is also in the comment section of
Input = :ok_hand:
Output = see above

#3 PGuehring

For my usecase it is very annoying to have to hover over every revision to find the one I am searching for. I guess being able to configure it for your specific usecase would be best.

#2 speculatrix

I would prefer to see it the other way round. Show the absolute date and if you hover the mouse, it would show the age.

#1 david

I'm not sure whether or not we'll do this, but for now the absolute date is available if you hover your mouse cursor over the relative date.

#4 david

You'll have to use rbt here. "svn diff" produces output that doesn't have enough information for Review Board to know about the empty files.

#3 cyran.norbert

I tried with rbt now, adding empty files works well

#2 cyran.norbert

Subversion. I create diffs with svn di. Not tested with rbt

#1 david

Can you confirm what version control system you're using?

Also, how are you creating your diffs? If you're using RBTools, what version?

#5 Misery

Ok, we used our script for rbtools 0.7.11. Since we upgraded to 1.0.2 I cannot reproduce it. Hopefully it is fixed...