4582: Support multiple bug trackers


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We are using multiple bug tracking tools (Bugzilla, JIRA). Reviewboard "Bugs" sections provides an auto-generated hyperlink using bug-number. This is very useful for looking at the bug which reviewing a change. Our default bug tracking is configured as bugzilla, so, it always generates a bugzilla hyperlink (even for JIRA issues). It would be useful if Reviewboard provides a mechanism to construct URL based on the bug input. For example, allow administrators to configure regex/url pairs to generate different hyperlinks based on different regex match.

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MacOS, Chrome

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#1 aralibhai

We would like to see this as well.

The regular expression idea seems to work well. If the regex has a capturing group, then the first capture can be substituted into the associated bug tracker link. Otherwise, the entire matched string would be substituted into the link.

There could be an ordered list of bug trackers, and the last one could be a "catch-all" without any associated regex - if none of the previous regular expressions match, then use the last bug tracker.

#2 ndutko

We are at 3.0.7 of ReviewBoard and find the limitation on a single bug tracker per repository extremely limiting. We would appreciate this request being satisfied.