1026: RFE: Add ability to ignore files in a patch

jeff****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Sept. 30, 2014
2050, 2188
We've automated the post-review.py command line by autopopulating fields 
based upon our Eclipse project and local settings.  However, sometimes 
workspace-specific files get erroneously uploaded, like .project and 
.cproject (these are eclipse projects.)  We can manually type the paths in 
or omit certain files manually, but it'd be nice to have a "ignore these 
files" button in the "Files Changed" list in the draft diff view.

I believe Crucible has this functionality, by the way.
#1 jeff****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Adding it to post-review.py would be equally acceptable.
#2 chipx86
post-review would probably be the right place for this, though I could imagine an
extension that let you edit your diff beforehand.
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#3 chipx86
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#4 chipx86
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#6 akim****@belmontte********* (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Is anyone aware of ongoing projects to add something to .reviewboardrc to have a filter/exclusion list (a la .gitignore ?) and then have rb tools obey that setting ?

I'd like to help take a look at any such work or help out if I can :-)
#7 chipx86

I'm not aware of any projects for this, but it's a good idea. I'd take a patch for it.
#9 chipx86
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#10 fel***@cypri****** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I'd love this feature. My use case is an iOS project that uses CocoaPods to handle dependencies and we commit the dependencies, so we'd like to exclude the dependencies source code from reviews. Would be something like `--exclude Pods/**/*`.
#11 chipx86
This came up today with someone on RBCommons. There's definitely work we'd have to do to filter changes from diffs, but we should add an option for this and perhaps a .rbtignore file.
#12 raja****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Would it be possible to add it as a repository level setting (in the admin menu). The server can look at the repository setting for excludes and then remove those from doing a diff. This allows people who upload or pull from existing commits or rbt. 

I can look at doing a patch if it helps.
#13 david
In rbtools git, there's a new -X flag for 'rbt post' and 'rbt diff' (and associated EXCLUDE_PATTERNS config setting) that will exclude the given filenames/patterns from the resulting diff.
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