910: The "..." on the dashboard should be more prominent.

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Feb. 22, 2010
I just found the "ship it" icon in the dashboard "..." option.  I've been 
using review board for a while now, and didn't notice it until I saw a co-
worker with some other icons.

This could be changed to "More Columns" to make things easier.  I know that 
takes up a lot of space, so you could bump the button to the previous row - 
shared with "All Incoming Review Requests".
#1 chipx86
We can't really roll it up with the titlebar, because the datagrid is a
self-contained reusable component separate from the title. But we can maybe come up
with something.
  • -Type-Defect
#2 chipx86
Replaced it with the edit icon. Committed to master (9d3dc51)
  • +Fixed
  • +chipx86