654: Allow user to reorder the files being diffed

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It would be nice if the user could reorder the files in the diff.  There
was a previous enhancement to put .h/.hh files before the associated
.c/.cpp file.  This doesn't work if your header isn't in the same directory
as your implementation.  If the user could drag and drop, or use up/down
arrow in the  "Files Changed:" list the user could reorder the diff into
what ever order they want before they start reviewing it.  An extension to
this functionality would be to provide a way that a user could specify a
custom sort function written in python which would be used to sort the file
list automatically for that user.

Additionally if the order of the files from the submitted diff was
maintained  it would allow the user to create a diff in a logic order
before submitting it.
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#3 cybr****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Sorting based on file status would be interesting.  I personally, would like to see
deleted files first.

This is because if the author has moved many files around or done re-factoring as a
result of which files no longer exist, it would be preferable to see those files
first. Then follow the trail and see where the code went.
#4 chipx86
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