606: Roles and enablement

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March 17, 2012
Reviews would benefit from having "reviewer roles" within RB.  Roles like
required reviewers, approvers, and subscribers (other interested
individuals) would make it easier to know when a review is required by an
individual, when a ship-it is required or not from a particular reviewer,
and approvers could be the escalation point from reviewers (i.e. approvers
don't see review requests until it's gotten at least n ship-it's from
required reviewers).

Configuration could be set up such that certain directories did not need
review, certain medium sensitivity directories needed review by certain
specific groups/individuals but no approval thereafter, and other highly
sensitive directories needed at least n ship-it's from approved reviewers,
then at least y ship-it's from approvers before the code could be
incorporated into the directory.
#1 chipx86
I'm uncomfortable putting a lot of policy like this into the codebase due to it being
pretty specific to certain configurations, but maybe we can do this cleanly.

Using the new intermediate model support in Django, we could specify the role of each
reviewer listed. Assuming that we can add this without breaking existing databases,
of course. We would then need some UI for modifying this, and I'm unsure how I'd like
to see this done right now.

We would also need some way of tying that into "default reviewer" support, and I'm
completely unsure how we'll do that cleanly.

At the earliest, this would be a 1.5 feature, but I suspect we wouldn't get to it
until 2.0 unless someone wants to own this and submit patches. We'll be glad to work
with whoever does.
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#3 chipx86
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#4 chipx86
Moving some bugs/requests to 1.7. 1.6 is intended to be a short release, and needs to be limited in scope.
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