579: batch operations (especially delete), would be very useful

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Jan. 11, 2014
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Being able to delete, or modify many requests at once would make things
much easier.  For example, If I break up a huge change into 30 reviews of
different code areas, I'd like to be able to delete them all when the
reviews are done, without clicking the delete button and confirming 30
times.  For example, It would be nice to click on a checkbox next to each
request, then click a delete button one time, and delete them all at once
(or maybe modify the description, or add reviewers, etc.).  I use
Linux/Firefox to submit reviews.

If the web interface isn't easy to modify, Maybe something like this could
be done with a python script similar to post-review?


#1 chipx86
Might be able to look at it after 1.0. Might bump this to 2.0 later if need be.
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#2 david
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#3 david
From bug 428: "set submitted"
#5 chipx86
  • +Milestone-Release1.6
#8 chipx86
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#10 chipx86
Pushing out to 1.7 (tentatively).
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#13 david
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#14 david
Bulk close has been implemented for 2.0
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