564: Summarize reviewer ship status

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When a review goes to multiple people, I think it would be nice to have a
table which summarizes the reviewer's ship status ("ship it"/"don't ship it").

For critical reviews, we sometimes need multiple people to look at it.  It
would be nice to be able to see what all the reviewer's ship status is in
one table (perhaps changing the comma list of "people" to a vertical
table?).  Perhaps even preventing or warning the author that they can't set
it submitted until everyone signs off.  A sample problem is when there are
a large number of comments, and you have to scroll through a few pages
trying to look for the green ship-it and figuring out who hasn't marked that.

I think this is related to some other enhancement requests.  Such as issue
489 (possibly having three ? - + states).  Another use case would be for
reviewing documents.  Our spec review process involves requiring all major
stakeholders to "sign off" on the spec.  Our current tool shows a table of
those people with their status (?-+).  I would love to use reviewboard for
this purpose.
#1 chipx86
Seems reasonable. I'll think a bit about how the UI should work. As you said, it's
sort of related to issue 489, and I'm not sure I'm getting to that for 1.0 (though
probably a release soon after), just because I want to get 1.0 out the door once the
remaining pieces of architecture are in. We'll make it a priority after that.
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#4 chipx86
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Has any work/considerations been made on this? This is one of the features we need to deploy ReviewBoard. A 
list of groups and shit it count per group, would be brilliant.

A simple table on the review tab, or maybe its own tab, showing all the groups/people that have clicked ship it.  
Wondering what the most reviewboardlike solution would be before I sit down and implement my own solution.
#6 chipx86
Pushing out to 1.7 (tentatively).
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#8 david
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great idea
#10 david
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