4999: Linux installation page has incorrect Python Version


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It’s also assumed that you have Python 2.7 installed.

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Wrong. Reviewboard 5.0 wants Python3. Led a linux and python noob to mangle a VM and waste time.

#1 CodeScrubber

Looks good, thanks!

#2 chipx86

Ah I was going to let you know today and give you a summary.

All the installation docs (both in the manual and the Get Review Board page) have been fully redone. They're backed by automated testing in Debian, RHEL, Fedora, and CentoS Stream environments, both LTS and latest releases, so that new issues won't crop up without us noticing.

Along with this, we have new upgrade docs, optimization docs, SELinux docs, and more.

If you end up running through the guides again, and hit any issues at all, please let me know!

#3 CodeScrubber

I am sending a separate email with the multiple isseues I faced. On this thread, any directory except accpeting the defaults fails in multiple ways. The defaults displayed by rb-site have the values in "". specifying a subdirectory in "" make the site unusable. providing a subdirectory without quotes results in an invalid .conf file.