4990: use p4 fstat to capture 'headType' (file type) so that it can be displayed in ReviewBoard diffs


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We would like filetypes to be displayed along with the diff'd files. The
motivation is that people often check-in files with the wrong filetypes,
which causes havoc in production.
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#1 chipx86

We agree, and have begun baking in some ability to capture data like that. The limiting factor is that diff formats generally don't include metadata like this, and Perforce diffs certainly don't.

The long-term plan is to move our Perforce diff implementation over to DiffX, which later Review Board 4.0.x versions support. That'll allow us to capture data like that in RBTools. We still need to add UI for this in Review Board, and we're looking at that for Review Board 6 (in development) or 7.

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#2 shubhar

Nice. Glad you're investigating a solution via DiffX. Thank You !