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#1 jackdai

We are encountering this issue as well, rbt patch will fail when the changes were from svn merge.

#12 chipx86

Yep, we have a mailing list where we announce all new releases (or other important updates). It's fairly low-traffic -- we try not to waste your time.

#11 c0d3h4x0r

Awesome chipx86, thank you! Is there a way I can be notified when the next release (containing this fix) is officially available?

#10 dan_regan

My coworker switched to using the Python 2.7 version instead and I haven't pursued the issue, since I am also using the Python 2.7 version.

#9 chipx86

Fix is up for review:

Dan, I'm also curious if you already applied the previous patch that was referenced. This is part 2 of a fix.

#8 chipx86

(+ debug log)

#7 chipx86

@dan_regan, I'm interested in what issue you're seeing exactly, because the patch (well, a variation on the concept) does fix the issue here. Can you provide a full backtrace?

#6 chipx86

I'm sorry, this fell through the cracks. This will be fixed in the next release of RBTools, alongside other Python 3.x fixes.

#5 c0d3h4x0r

This issue has been tagged "NeedInfo" for a long time now. What additional information is actually needed? You should have all the information you need to repro this and work on fixing it. This is blocking Python migration work at my company because we can't remove obsolete versions of Python from our engineering workstations due to rbt still not working correctly with the latest version of Python. Please treat this issue as ultra-high priority, especially given the impending Python 2.7.x end-of-life date rapidly approaching on 1/1/2020.