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#4 puremourning

i posted it really in the hope that it would be useful. apologies, but i don't have the bandwidth right now to do a proper 9 yards on it, not least because it was many months ago that i made the change and i no longer have the code paged in :)

#3 david

The bug tracker is not a good place to review patches. Can you please post this on


#3 dwatson.arbor

I fixed an identical issue by modifying _find_remote() in clients/

The code eventually calls: all_remotes = self._execute(['git', 'remote'], split_lines=True). split_lines=True causes execute() to call data.splitlines(True) which preserves newlines. Then _find_remote() runs if 'origin' in all_remotes:. This fails (for me) because the contents of all_remotes is ["origin\n"] (note the trailing newline). Changing the if check to be if 'origin\n' in all_remotes: fixes the issue for me. If that's the right way to fix this, then obviously the else block needs to return all_remotes[0].strip() to get rid of the newline if origin is not in the list.

I didn't do anyting to figure out if there was something that should be changing upstream to prevent getting into this function in the first place. This code appears to be wrong, so I just stopped once this fixed the issue.

#1 levine

Pasting the log with formatting into the description was a mistake... Attaching the log as text file instead.