4924: Support for AWS SES SMTP server which rewrites message_id


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Gmail apparently uses message-id as one of the fields it uses to "thread" a conversation. When using an AWS SES SMTP endpoint as the configured email server the emails appear as individual messages in Gmail rather than a threaded conversation. So if there are 100 reviews/comments, there are 100 corresponding messages in Gmail rather than a single thread.

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Ubuntu / Chrome / Gmail

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If RB could grab the SES message-id from the result of the smtp session instead of the internally generated message-id, then Gmail would be able to correctly thread messages.

These are examples of replaced message-id's in messages delivered via SES:

Message-ID: 02010178ffc92fd9-f89a51ee-deb7-41af-aca1-dcf6df27bcea-000000@email.amazonses.com

Message-ID: 02000178ffca483d-0148843b-2bf9-482f-a654-bc6d9d620155-000000@email.amazonses.com

This is the SES endpoint we're using:


But they have many more in different AZs, etc...