488: Instant messaging integration

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integration with instant messaging, e.g. xmpp/jabber would allow for
real-time collaboration. some high level ideas:

* send IM instead of e-mails to notify of new review requests, updates of
reviews, etc. the message should include an url. if a reviewboard bot is
provided one could send IM/e-mail based on the presence status of a contact.
* allow a reviewer to invite other team members for a discussion (chat
rooms). this chat room may be an instant room (see
* optionally log all status updates, review requests, etc. to a chat room.
this will allow one to keep a complete log. would be really great if one
could specify a chat room per component or project (or any other
granularity suitable to the project).
* using of adhoc commands (http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0050.html)
one may query a reviewboard bot for reports, current status, etc.
#1 david
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#2 chipx86
This would be best done as an extension.
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#3 david
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#5 horati******@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
An first release for an XMPP Notification extension is now available at:


Check the INSTALL file for details.
#6 chipx86
That's very cool. You should feel free to announce it on reviewboard@googlegroups.com and see if you can get some usage and feedback on it.

In the future, we're looking to build a catalogue of extensions that people can download, but that's pretty far away right now.
#7 david

I feel like our modern chat integrations cover this pretty well.

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