4824: Use a better text diff'ing algorithm (at least as an option)


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One of my recurring frustrations using reviewboard is its abysmal diff'ing behavior. Since diff'ing under git or emacs behaves so much better I am always shocked when I confront reviewboard's results. In particular it seems to consider a pair of blank lines as sufficient to re-establish a notion of the comparisons being back in sync.

My vote would be for something like "git-diff-files --unified=<n> --diff-algorithm=histogram" for some n significantly greater than the default of 3 (e.g. 7).

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Debian (Jessie?) and Chrome (but does that really matter?)

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#1 chipx86

We do have plans to improve diffing, and have wanted to do this for a while. There are cases where the current algorithm works better, and cases where other algorithms work better, and the plan is to weigh a default based on the file type but to also attempt a couple different algorithms and analyze them to determine the best one. There's a lot of work required to get there. Won't happen for 4.0, but maybe 5.0.