4813: Show user names who gave "ship it!" when hovering over the "ship it!" count


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Review board incoming list.

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When I look at the review board incoming list, which is the list of reviews I'm assigned to as a reviewer, I see a long list. I want to know which one should I look at next.
What I do right now is clicking on the reviews one by one, and looking if I already reviewd them. Some of them are long time in the review board, and the list can be fairly long, so I can't always remember which ones I already reviewd.

One nice feature the review board has, is adding and removing columns from the incoming table. One column that I find useful is the "ship it!" count. If a review has a 0 "ship it!" count it definitely needs to be reviewed.

My suggestion is to add the list of people who gave a "ship it!" to the review, and show it when hovering over the "ship it!" count, this way I don't need to get inside every review and scroll down to try and find my "ship it!" (or the lack thereof).

Right now when hovering over this sign, it says "Ship it! count".