4802: allow an issue to be tagged with which diff(s) contain(s) the code fix/change


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As I'm going through the list of issues opened up by reviewers, over in the code repository, I'm making code changes & fixes. After making a change, I'll go back to the issue in ReviewBoard and make a comment or mark the issue as resolved. At some point, I'll upload a new diff showing my code changes that I've made in response to the issues. It would be really nice to be able to tie those issues to that diff. That way, a reviewer can know where the fix was made.

Even better, since the issue and diff are tied together in this enhancement proposal, it'd be nice for the reviewer to be able to jump straight to the file in the correct diff to see the code change. This would make verification of the change straightforward without the reviewer having to manually track a bunch of state and hunt for the correct code change among a handful of diffs in the review.

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macOS Mojave, Safari

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#1 gcleary

Actually, we're running ReviewBoard 3.0.8, not 3.0.3.