4801: Issue Verification Enhancement: filter issues by characteristic such as file or severity


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When I'm verifying the responses a developer has made to the issues I've opened in a review, I'm looking for a way to organize my approach.

It often makes sense to approach the verification on a file-by-file basis. I'll want to verify all the fixes for source file A, then source file B, etc.

Or, it can also make sense to verify the fixes by severity. I want to look at the fixes for the high severity issues first, then the next level severity, leaving the lowest severity issues for last.

However, beyond who submitted them, there's no way to filter and sort the issues. So, instead, I have to paw through a somewhat jumbled list of issues trying to find the issues that I want to verify first. Especially for large reviews of complex code changes and big new software features, this can be a complex and aggravating experience. And, if we're near the deadline for feature release, it can be maddening to try to triage my issue verification.

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macOS Mojave, Safari

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