4757: API for adding/updating users/groups to Review Repository


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Reviewboard HEAD

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When adding a repository to reviewboard through the API, we would like to make it private (which is allowed) and then allow a list of users/review-groups who can access the API. This isnt currently possible through the API and has to be done manually.

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Linux/OSX. Chrome/Firefox

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This was raised in the google groups. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/reviewboard/EaiPQyvi1L0

I can help do this but would like to know how to add/update review users/groups or if there is a pattern that I should follow. For e.g. if a repo already has users X,Y allowed to access, would adding another set of users replaces the existing set of users or does it appends to it. Either way, we also need a way to remove them. I have seen some approaches where appending a + or - at the start/end of the username does it, but its definitely not intuitive, but eases development.

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