4613: Configurable dashboard views


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3.0.0 and 2.5.16

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We often create review requests for "review groups" and the submitter of a review request is most times in the same review group. So he becomes his own review request as "INCOMING", too.

Also some people are in a review group but only knows about repository A and B. But not for C and D - even it is the same review group. Or something like this.

The idea is... configurable filter view under "OUTGOING" and "INCOMING" --> "FILTERED".

And each user can create his own set of filtered views of his "incoming/outgoing" or just a filter of "all of Repo A; even he is not in a reviewo group for this".
Like GMail does it with mail filtering.

Maybe those configurable "types" that can be combined multiple times with OR, AND and NOT.

  • Repository
  • Created (to show all older than X days)
  • Updated
  • Submitter


Repository=1 AND Repository=2 AND Submitter=DummyUser AND NOT Submitter=StupidUser

Repository=3 AND Created >= 'yesterday'

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Linux, Firefox and Chrome

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