4502: Provide a lnik from the diffviewer location to the file link to avoid scrolling or mistakenly hitting back button


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We sometimes have many files in a single changlist and this can increase the scrolling of the page

On the diff page we have 4 sections. I am refering to section 3 where the files are listed with the pie chart and section 4 where the file diff is shown.

Suppose we have around 100 files in the changelist the page becomes huge and needs scrolling. If we click on the 20th file link it will take us to the diff but to return to the file link again we donot have somekind of top link. We need to scroll up. If a link is provided to go back to the file link postion, it reduces scrolling.

Also many a times users hit back button which takes them to the review section and again they need to hit the diff tab, which again calculates the diff and loads consuming time.

If a hyperlink it provided to traverse back, it can enhance the usability a lot.

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Windows, Chrome

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#1 david