4477: file name visibility while reviewing


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  1. Simply scroll a diff

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While working on a review, I often find myself scrolling from file to file searching for some content. Most files on which I work have diffs which take more than the depth of the window in which I work. As a result, the name of the file being examined is not visible most of the time.

The feature I am interested in getting is the continuously display of the current file name. In particular, the file name of the file a line of which is, say, at the top of the window (since it is possible that several file/file fragments might be displayed at the same time).

Thank you for your attention.


#1 darrenmoffat

I would find this very useful as well. Particularly when the diffs in a single file are large or spaced out.

#2 chipx86

This is planned for Review Board 3.0.

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#3 sschlmr

Thank you. Look forward to it. Any idea as to timing?


#4 david

Merging related tickets.