4380: "Diff-diff plus my comments" view.


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diff view

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The motivation -- A lot of people at my company will do the following:
Go review a large review request. Post 15 comments. A new version comes up with description "Addressed comments." Now, the original request was very large and took a long time to review, and most of it hasn't changed. This is what the "what changed between versions 1 and 2" view (we call it a diff-diff, not sure of the official name) is for -- we look at it, and agree that they seem to be addressing our comments. But...did they address them all? Before I give a ship it, I want to make sure they addressed them all, or at least only ignored trivial ones, so I end up opening two windows, one with my review, and one with the diff-diff, and literally going review comment by review comment and verifying that the diff-diff includes a fix for it.

What I'd like is a way to look at the "what changed between version 1 and N, plus show me all my comments on version 1 on the left side, regardless of whether the diff-diff would show that code. Now, I can see the changes and my comment (and hopefully the discussion about it), and I can see my comments that were ignored so I can easily make sure I am okay with those being ignored.

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Please. This is by far the biggest headache we have with RB. :)