4376: Fix word-wrap in bugs column on dashboard


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I'd like to be able to adjust the width of the various columns in the dashboard view. Specifically, I'd like the "bugs" column to be wider so that my JIRA link does not get split across two lines, which looks gross. Alternately, it looks like this can be fixed just by not allowing a line break on the dash "-" in this column.

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Linux, Chrome

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#1 david

Making columns generally resizable is already tracked in bug 413.

For an easier fix for your specific issue, we should fix the rendering of the "bugs" field so each individual bug link is not wrappable.

  • -Type:Enhancement
  • -Adjustable column width in dashboard view
    +Fix word-wrap in bugs column on dashboard
#2 jaimeenergysavvy

That works too!

#3 david

Fixed in release-2.5.x (79521db). This will ship in 2.5.4. Thanks!

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