4366: Diff Viewer with interdiff broken


What version are you running?


What's the URL of the page containing the problem?


What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Delete a line in a file
  2. Create a review request (I used post-review) -> then publish
  3. Delete another 2 lines in the same file
  4. Update the review request post-review --server=<whatever> -r <review-id>
  5. Publish again

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

View diff - Orig-1 is OK, Orig-2 is OK, 1-2 is not. Check image

What operating system are you using? What browser?

  1. Windows 7 (Debian 7 shows the same behavior)
  2. Browser - Chrome, IE and Firefox show the same behavior

Please provide any additional information below.

I use Perforce as repository.

We are using Review Board widely. This is a very annoying problem for our organization.
I appreciate a quick patch for this. I am willing to patch the code on my server until
a bug fix is formally released.

Thank you.

Koushik Roy.

#1 smacleod
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#2 chipx86

Can you provide copies of both diffs and both source files? They'll be needed for any diagnosis.

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#3 roys2005.gmail.com

Christian, the source file is attached.
The diff is simple:
In diff1 - I deleted line 27
In diff2 - I deleted lines 37-38

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    About rbtools
    rbtools is a collection of console utility scripts for use with Review Board.
    This consists of the following officially supported tools:
        * post-review - Create and update review requests based on changes in
                        a local tree.
    There are also some user-contributed scripts and application plugins in the
    contrib directory. See the associated README files for more information.
    Testing rbtools
    This is of interest mostly to developers of rbtools.
    To run all the tests, you will need to install hgsubversion::
       $ easy_install hgsubversion
    This may need apr-config, also known as apr-1-config, to run.  This is
    part of the apache distribution.  On ubuntu, you can get it via::
       $ sudo apt-get install libapr1-dev  # also try apache2-dev or httpd-dev
    hgsubversion also requires that you set up an :file:`.hgrc` in your home
    directory with the following contents::
       hgsvn = /path/
#4 roys2005.gmail.com

May I request that this bug be treated with high priority.
I believe I have provided all the information required.
Despite, this bug is sitting in "Need info".

This bug makes interdiff very unusable in our organization.
Many people have faced this issue and complained.

Thanks for your attention.


#5 david

We already know that interdiff bugs are a high priority, but they're also very, very hard. We're working on figuring out the various problems with interdiffs, but due to the very complex nature of the problem, we can't give an ETA.

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#6 roys2005.gmail.com


#7 subodhk

Have hit the same issue on Could you let us know when it can be fixed.

#8 viki89

We have run into this as well and it seems to be a major bottleneck. Any updates on this? RB Thank you.