4083: Support auth for Jira bug tracker


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We use jira as the bug tracker. Since the tracker can be accessed from internet you need to login with username/password without anonymous read-only access.

So RB will get a "permission denied" everytime it tries to read information from jira. RB needs an input field in webadmin to add credentials for given bug tracker.

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We hardcoded our username/password to hostingsvcs/jira.py as a work-around:

        if not self.jira_client:
            self.jira_client = JIRAClient(options={
                'server': repository.extra_data['bug_tracker-jira_url'],
            }, basic_auth=('user', 'password'))
#1 Misery


Just drop a "reviewboard/site/data/.netrc" file with the following content

machine jira.company.de
login reviewboarduser
password 123456