4044: [Web API] Add timezone field for User Resource


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I'd like to request to have the Time Zone information available on the Web API endpoint. I'm flexible to any format (UTC offset is one suggestion)! This information is already configurable by users, just not available to query via the web API.

Motivation: I'd like to use a user's configured timezone to properly time email notifications. Specifically, we have an extension that allows users to configure a "Due Date" on a review request; on the morning of the configured due date, I'd like to email the submitter and all the invited reviewers/groups, and make sure it's properly timed.

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Server runs on RHEL 6.6

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#1 david
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#2 adilally
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#3 adilally

Submitted patch for review: https://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/7881/

#4 brennie
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#5 brennie
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#6 chipx86

Most of the work for this was done by a student (adilally). What's left is optimization work, which should probably go on my plate.

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