3901: rbt post exclude to support ClearCase

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I use rbt 0.7.2, but this feature is not available in the latest rbtools as well. Can we add the feature to support ClearCase?

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Windows 7

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  -X PATTERN, --exclude PATTERN
                        Excludes all files that match the given pattern from
                        the diff. This can be used multiple times to specify
                        multiple patterns. UNIX glob syntax is used for
                        pattern matching.

                        Supported by: Bazaar, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce,
                        and Subversion.
#1 brennie
I'm the author of the exclude feature. Unfortunately, licenses for ClearCase are a few thousands dollars, so I cannot develop & test this feature. We are more than willing to accept patches for it, though.
#2 david
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