3863: Web API should provide an id field for a review request's every depends_on entry

May 27, 2015
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Currently if I query review requests either via review_requests or review_requests/<review_request_id> Web API resource, depends_on data appears in the response like this:

"depends_on": [         {
   "href": "http://adsrv2/reviewboard/api/review-requests/51/",
   "method": "GET",
   "title": "blah-blah-blah"

If I want to query a review request's depends_on ids, I can:

a) Implement a hack, and use substring on the href field. This is not only unelegant, but also violates a principle stated in the first chapter of the Web API documentation (https://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/2.0/webapi/2.0/overview/#resource-urls).

b) Launch another GET request using the href field, and get the id from the response. Suppose my review requests has got two dozen depends_on references, I will have to do two dozen separate calls to get a couple of characters worth of result per response payload. Not really elegant, nor efficient.

There should be an id field within every depends_on element. Example:

"depends_on": [         {
   "id": "51",
   "href": "http://adsrv2/reviewboard/api/review-requests/51/",
   "method": "GET",
   "title": "blah-blah-blah"

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Windows 7

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#1 chipx86
A worthwhile thing to add.

What you can do for now is to add ?expand=depends_on to the URL, which will return a payload with each full review request payload embedded.
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#2 acsipak
Thanks for the tip, but that would still mean a big payload and a lot of processing on the server side for just a couple of bytes of relevant result. I'm going with unelegant solution a) for now, and shall wait for a fix.
#3 brennie
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#4 brennie
The fix for this issue has landed on release-2.5.x and master as commit 43d9bda. It will be included in ReviewBoard 2.5.
#5 brennie
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