3845: When reviewing the updated diff, original comments should be visible for verification

April 15, 2015
ReviewBoard Version: 2.0.6
URL of the page containing the problem: http://<server>/r/94/diff/1-2/
OS: Windows 7, Browser: FIrefox 37.0.1

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Post a review for a file between version A and version B.
2. Post some comments.
3. Close the comment.
4. Update the diff with new code (version C)
5. Now check the changes done to address the comments (i.e. diff between B and C).

What do I see:
The comments given in step 2 above are not visible when I want to see the changed done to address the comments. So I have to open a separate tab to see what the comment were and switch between the tabs for verification.

Expected output:
The comments were given on version B. So when viewing the diff between versions B and C, the comments should also be visible.