3834: Support SlikSVN version on Windows environment

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April 15, 2015
What version are you running?
  RBTools 0.7.2

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We want to use RBTools on our environnement, for post commit reviews, but it fails to recognise our SVN version as the command 'svn --version -q' returns : 1.6.1-SlikSvn-tag-1.6.1@37143-X64

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  OS : Windows 7
  SVN version : SlikSvn:tag/1.6.1@37143.

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The script which fails is svn.py. Currently, the command is  : 
  ver_string = self._run_svn(['--version', '-q'], ignore_errors=True)
  self.subversion_client_version = tuple(map(int, ver_string.split('.')))

This will try to convert '1.6.1-SlikSvn-tag-1.6.1' as an integer, and fails.

I have modified my script as this to work :
  ver_string = self._run_svn(['--version', '-q'], ignore_errors=True)
  ver_string_splitted = ver_string.split('-')
  self.subversion_client_version = tuple(map(int, ver_string_splitted[0].split('.')))

I have not push a patch as I'm not sure that it's the best solution ...
#1 gmyers
I've posted a patch for review at https://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/7182/
#2 brennie
This bug has been fixed on the release-0.7.x branch as commit 4db748d. It will be in the next minor RBTools release (0.7.3).
  • +Fixed