3832: Don't guess summary and description when updating reviews with 'rbt post'

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What version are you running?
ReviewBoard 1.7.13, RBTools 0.8 alpha

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'rbt post' under perforce has a perhaps-unintended feature where I can update a review without using the -u option. However, rbt treats it as a new review and re-guesses the summary and description. It's convenient (and necessary in my organization, where we have a GUI alias to invoke rbt) to be able to use 'rbt post' (rather than 'rbt post -u') regardless of whether or not I'm posting a new review or updating an existing one.

When it realizes it's updating an existing review instead of publishing a new one (when -u is not specified), I would like rbt post to preserve that review's summary and description (which I may have edited when initially publishing the review) instead of overwriting them again from the changelist.

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Windows 7

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If you agree with the intended behavior, I'm happy to write the patch. It should be pretty simple.
#1 david
Is this with Perforce?
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#2 and***@andrew****** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Yes, although I imagine it could happen with other SCMs as well, depending on how they ID their commits.
#3 david
So unfortunately, due to historical reasons, perforce works pretty differently, and the description is actually updated on the server side. It might be nice to bring it up to date with the other systems and have it use the --guess options on the client side, but that's a pretty big change that needs to be carefully thought out in order to avoid annoying people.
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