3706: Give me a way to get notified of reviews interesting to me without submitter adding my name

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We have a large team of developers and we use a single reviewboard group for all our reviews. There are north of 300 review related emails I receive per day. I'm interested in certain reviews based on criteria like below
- Changes in certain parts of the code (based on file paths)
- Changes by certain submitters
- Changes in certain branches

The only way to do above in my case is to go through 300 emails per day filtering out what I need. I can (and am already) ask submitters to include me but this doesn't scale. New folks join, they don't know the relevant people. Sometimes I'm just interested in progress of a feature being done in a branch or by some folks and asking submitters to include me as reviewer isn't an option.

Another use case is - there is an important area of code that's closely guarded by a set of individuals and as a rule we want to get their reviews no matter how big/small a change is. Today we just document this in our wikis or send occasional emails reminding people about component ownership. But this is not working. Having above features in reviewboard allows these owners to configure their notification settings to achieve the end result.

Reviewboard is simply an indispensable tool in our development - thank you for such an awesome tool! I hope someone can triage the above feature and make this happen!
#1 david
Can you use the stars? If you star a review request, any e-mails sent will include you in the 'To' field, which should make it easier to filter your email.
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#2 gam****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I think this request is asks to set up a rule for future requests.

How do we star a review before it is filed? ;)
#3 david
Well, if there are certain files that are interesting, it's possible to set up default reviewers to assign them to the right place. It might be nice to make it easier to search for interesting things, though.
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