3566: Need to adjust for change in 'svn propget' behavior for upcoming SVN 1.9.x

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Sept. 15, 2014
I noticed that RBTools breaks if a 1.9.0-dev version of SVN is in the $PATH when it tries to obtain the value of the reviewboard:url property. In 1.9.x, Subversion developers changed the return code of 'svn propget' when the property is not set: 1.8.x and previous versions returned code 0 (and empty string), while 1.9.x returns code 1 - apparently, to distinguish the "property not set" and "property set to empty string" scenarios.

RBTools, failing to fetch reviewboard:url on the working copy, bails out and does not even attempt to fetch reviewboard:url from the root of the repository.
#1 david
Fixed in release-0.6.x (04cf902). Thanks!
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