3530: Allow user to select 2 SVN revisions of which to create a review

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We are using post-commit review, and we are also encouraging people to check-in often. This means that or reviews often span a number of check-ins. 

It would be nice to have the option to create a review based on changes of multiple checkins instead of only one.

For example by adding a check-box in front of the check-ins so people can select 2 versions that they would like to generate a review of, and not only of the selected version with the previous one.

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RB: Debian, browser: any

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Have you tried posting a review with rbt? It is a workaround but the following worked for me to post a review of revision 4 and 5: rbt post 3:5

Nevertheless, a way to post a review via the browser would be much appreciated :-)