3504: Support mediawiki as a "backend" for reviewboard

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Our company avidly uses both mediawiki and reviewboard. I'm interested in soliciting feedback on some wiki text, and while I think I can rig up a hack for a "new file", I'm realizing it'd be really nice to actually be able to review specific new versions of the file too. I could imagine an
  rbt post --source-url=<wiki page url>
[or perhaps it needs to be something other than "post"?] which puts up a reviewboard request with the text from that page, and the ability to [out of band of the wiki] start comment threads on all the individual lines.

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#1 chipx86
We were considering this functionality for Power Pack. It would require some design changes for both RBTools and Review Board that would have to go into a future release.
  • +Confirmed