3497: rbt tools not posting deleted files for perforce

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Aug. 2, 2014
What version are you running?


What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

Private system.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Submit a perforce change containing one or more deleted files
2. Run "rbt post <change list no>" (where the change list no is the one submitted in step 1)
3. On the generate review you will see that the deleted files are NOT present.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

The deleted files should be present in the diff report.

What operating system are you using? What browser?

Linux on the server, Windows 7 on the client with Firefox

Please provide any additional information below.

I think the issue is this:-

The most recent version of the file in the submitted change list output from perforce is the delete.

I think the issue begins in _compute_range_changes in perforce.py

What I believe happens is the code in perforce.py runs "p4 filelog "//...@<changeno>,<changeno>" to get the list of changes from the change list I supplied.

It iterates through the list of changes, parsing out the depot files, action and locations.

_accumulate_range_change is called for each file. If "old_action" is edit, then it decrements initialRev. This is therefore not done for a delete, so the value of initialRev remains as the last (deleted) version of the file:-

    def _accumulate_range_change(self, file_entry, change):
        """Compute the effects of a given change on a given file"""
        old_action = file_entry['action']
        current_action = change['action']

        if old_action == 'none':
            # This is the first entry for this file.
            new_action = current_action
            file_entry['depotFile'] = file_entry['initialDepotFile']

            # If the first action was an edit, then the initial revision
            # (that we'll use to generate the diff) is n-1
            if current_action == 'edit':
                file_entry['initialRev'] -= 1

It then iterates through the built list of files and if action is delete, does this:-

            elif action == 'delete':
                    old_file, new_file = self._extract_delete_files(
                        initial_depot_file, initial_rev)
                except ValueError:
                    logging.warning('Skipping file %s: %s', depot_file, e)

                diff_lines += self._do_diff(
                    old_file, new_file, initial_depot_file, initial_rev,
                    depot_file, 'D', ignore_unmodified=True)

In this case the value passed to extract_delete_files is the deleted revision of the file (I.E. the version output from p4 filelog).

    def _extract_delete_files(self, depot_file, revision):
        """Extract the 'old' and 'new' files for a delete operation.

        Returns a tuple of (old filename, new filename). This can raise a
        ValueError if extraction fails.
        # Get the old version out of perforce
        old_filename = make_tempfile()
        self._write_file('%s#%s' % (depot_file, revision), old_filename)

        # Make an empty tempfile for the new file
        new_filename = make_tempfile()

        return old_filename, new_filename

The _write_file method then causes it to execute this command:-

p4 print -o /tmp/tmp-9Bncr -q  //depot/..../DeletedFile#2 (where #2 is the deleted revision of the file)

In this case if the temp file did not already exist, perforce does not create it. But it was already created by make_tempfile (and was empty). So the result is we still have an empty file. The new file is also created with make_tempfile and hence is empty.

This means that when the diff is run, it ends up comparing two empty files. It then of course says there is no change and so the file that is deleted ends up NOT getting included in the diff that rbt uploads. I think this is an error and in the old_filename code above the depot revision needs to be decreased by 1. This will cause "p4 print" to output the old version of the file (prior to the delete). Then when the diff runs, it compares the old (pre delete) version of the file with an empty file and then correctly logs this is a delete in the diff it creates.

I am not sure if the best place to fix this is in _extract_delete_files (to reduce the depot revision by one) or to change _accumulate_range_change to decrement the initialVersion for both edit and delete.
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Fixed in release-0.6.x (d5d59ba). Thanks!
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