3413: Uploading invalid diff to existing review results in "Loading..." hang

bruce*****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
July 20, 2014
What version are you running?

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create a new, valid review.
2. Select Update -> Update Diff
3. Select a diff which doesn't apply (wrong repository, source revision doesn't exist etc.)

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
An error should be displayed. Instead, the 'Loading...' spinner appears and never stops.
If an attempt is made to create a *new* review using the diff, the expected error message is displayed.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Windows 8.1 and Firefox 30.
#1 abhishek*********@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
We're experiencing similar problems. If you open the network inspector in chrome you can see that the response comes back as a 400 correctly so it's in the javascript
#2 bruce*****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I wonder if this is at all related to https://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=3338 ('Upload Diff' allows user to click button without choosing diffs)? I noticed the fix didn't make it into version 2.0.1.
#3 mca****@cove***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I have the same problems with reviewboard 2.0.2.

Chrome 35 and 36 on windows 7.
#4 david
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#5 david
Fixed in release-2.0.x (76caaa7). Thanks!
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