3289: Support for pre-post "hooks"

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Would like the ability to run "hooks" in RBTools before posting a new or updated review.  For example, to run a linter or style checker.  Git allows for both global and per-repository (shared) hooks to be defined.  We can add a pre-push or pre-commit hook to do the check, but doing it at review time would also be useful.

The idea would be something like defining a hook in .git/pre-review or .rbtools/pre-review that can cause the post to fail depending on the return value of the hook.  Like Git hooks, this would be both per developer desktop or per repository.

I would imagine there would be other use-cases for this as well.

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Ubuntu Precise, N/A

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A few use case examples: http://dev.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/depottools/presubmit-scripts


Ensuring the commit message matches a predetermined style.
Ensuring a linter is run.
Enforcing coding conventions.
Running a dependency checker.
Warning you if you haven't built your client and/or run unit tests within the last X hours.
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