3280: Next/Previous keyboard shortcuts should honor "Hide Whitespace Changes"

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March 18, 2014
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There exists an option to hide whitespace changes, which is really helpful when reviewing changes where someone also did a bunch of cleanup.  However, the hotkeys (n, p) still hit every single change.

The hotkeys should either skip the "dimmed" changes ) or another set of hotkeys should be introduced.

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Windows 7, Firefox.

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diffViewerPageView.js, _getNextAnchor is what ultimately gets called to find the next place to jump to.  Checking for !$anchor.hasClass('dimmed') in the if statement would take care of this if it's okay to always jump over them when they're dimmed (which seems reasonable to me).
That or a new ANCHOR_VISIBLE_CHUNK anchor type should be added with new or repurposed (some of the existing next/prev hotkeys could hit them all while others could skip hidden changes) hotkeys matched to the new anchor type.
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Fixed in release-2.0.x (a5be474). Thanks!
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