3163: --guess-summary should always use the first unpushed commit message from the branch.

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Jan. 29, 2014
What version are you running?
Review Board 1.7.11
RBTools 0.5.2

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When I have already made a review and use post-review to post an update to the review, it always changes the summary message to my latest commit message.  This usually doesn't make sense since my initial commit is more informative as a summary and the trailing commits are usually whitespace and grammar fixes.  --guess-summary should either not update the summary of an existing review or always use the first unpushed commit message from the branch.  

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Firefox 25.0

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I am dealing with this issue because my system has GUESS_SUMMARY=1 set in the .reviewboardrc by our compliance system. I can't just turn it off, even though I would like to because it gets re-enabled immediately.  I have been working around this by manually editing the summary after posting, or with squashing when it is a smaller commit.  I still think that logically the guess would be more accurate when pulling in from the first commit message when guessing the summary.
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Fixed in rbtools master (b28c708). This will ship with 0.6
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