3135: Support Assembla git repositories

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Assembla.com is a code-hosting/project-management site similar to BeanstalkApp (which RB supports).

I don't know exactly how SCM plugins need to be implemented, but I'm not sure whether Assembla can be easily supported as I haven't found an API for git so far (though the API does let you manage SSH keys for a project).

Individual git commits are available through a web interface, though only with an HTML diff viewer. URLs are like this:

(Projects can have multiple git repos, so <git-repo-ID> should be "git", "git-2", "git-3" etc.)

Individual file diffs within a commit are also available, but again only as HTML, with the URL format:
#1 chipx86
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, it's not looking like Assembla has the API we would need to support it properly. The only way we can use the code browser URLs is if they returned the raw content of the object and if we could access them with Basic HTTP Auth. I imagine it requires logging into the site manually first, which is a problem.

The way they have authentication for the API may also prevent us from being able to access it, since we would need to register as an OAuth2 application on their site, and pass out the secret keys to everyone. It's unclear whether the same application can be registered many times.

I'll keep this ticket open for the future, but right now, I don't see anything we can do.
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#2 chipx86
This came up again. I opened a request with Assemblda: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/assembla-api-dev/9dgUfrlBEhA