2991: Daily digest summary email

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When using ReviewBoard for an open-source project, it would be very handy if there was an option to send a summary of each day's/week's activity to a mailing list. Currently, the workaround is to add the mailing list to the review group so the mailing list sees all activity, but in large projects this is *extremely* noisy. (In the case of the OpenLMI project, we were generating upwards of thirty ReviewBoard emails per day on the list).

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ReviewBoard is installed on OpenShift (RHEL 6). Browser is irrelevant.

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What we would like to see is basically a summary containing links to the reviews that have been added or changed. Something on the order of:

Newly-added reviews:
<link to review 301>
<link to review 302>

Reviews with updates today/this week:
<link to review 245>
<link to review 291>

Reviews that were submitted this week:

Reviews that were discarded this week:

In a first pass, a system-wide digest would be fine. An ideal situation would have it configurable per-repository (or set of repos).
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