2914: Allow publishing "issue fixed" comments in e-mails sent out

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Right now, the reviewer can "open an issue" which the author of the review can simply mark as "fixed." However, the fixed issues will not appear in an e-mail response. So, for either of these two use cases, the review gets a sub-par experience in the e-mail, and he/she is required to open the review and view it on the website in order to get much context.
a) Author fixed all issues and has nothing to comment. No e-mail is sent at all.
b) Author fixed most issues but has one/a few comments. Reviewer, after having left tons of comments with happily accepted changes, only gets an e-mail with the one comment and has to open the browser to see that all other issues were fixed.

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Windows 7, FF and Chrome

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While the author can just add a comment saying "all issues fixed" and publish simply that, why should the system require that? As far as I can tell, the whole purpose of the "issue" system is so that repetitive tasks are reduced.
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