267: Review Board should indicate whether the patch applies against HEAD

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It would be nice if Review Board could keep track of whether a patch applies cleanly to your version 
control system's repository.  It could periodically refresh the diff to account for movement in the 
code, and report if a conflict has been introduced.  This would make it easier to see if a stagnant 
patch will need further touching up before it can be accepted.
#1 chipx86
Interesting idea. It's doable, since we're already applying it against the specified
version. We'd just need to apply against HEAD, see if there are any issues, and then
mark it as being stale or fresh. The question is how often. You'd only want to do it
when a diff is being looked at, as opposed to just updating every diff out there, and
you probably only want to use the latest diff.
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#2 chipx86
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#3 david
Somewhat related to bug 88. It would be nice to spend some time figuring out the
various ways in which we can integrate with various continuous-integration systems.
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#4 david
  • +Review Board should indicate whether the patch applies against HEAD