2607: Make "My Dashboard" links visible in Reviews

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It would be very useful if the dashboard links would be visible in the review page.  Consider me wanting to go through several of my own reviews:

1.  Click on review (review responses, add comments, etc)
2.  Click on "My Dashboard"
3.  Click on "Outgoing Reviews"
4.  Click on next review

If I want to go through other people's reviews:
1.  Click on review
2.  Click on "My Dashboard"
3.  Click on next review

Having the dashboard always available on the left would reduce the number of pages I go to by 100% & reviewing other people's changes by 75%.

I don't generally look beyond Incoming & Outgoing reviews, so I don't know how big an improvement it would be for other pages (i.e. how frequently are you wanting to access your dashboard from other pages)

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Ubuntu 12.04 + Chrome 19

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