2499: Allow some sort of sorting on review comments

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- Comment editing
- Edit Review

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Some review comments would ideally be shown in an order different to the code order as defined by the order of the files in diff, or even line of code.

In some cases would like something simple like tagging by something like severity - must fix, could be better, cosmetic.
(perhaps that could be covered in part with making 'open an issue' items appear earlier)

In other cases due to code/file order a comment later in the diff should come before a comment earlier to provide continuity/readability.

I don't have a specific resolution to this in mind, though some ideas:
I started thinking this might be done while raising comments having some extra optional severity combo option.
As I'm writing this I thought it might be better to (just) make each comment drag-able in the edit review to allow re ordering.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
not sure it's relevant, but mainly Windows, FireFox.  
Also Linux, Mac | Safari, IE, Chrome.
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