2116: search should support the diffs themselves

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The search feature is much less useful to me than I had hoped it would be, since it does not index the diff files associated with a review, nor the comments people have made on the reviews.  In our use case we only ever have 1 diff file (we do post-commit review), so the indexing is only on the order of the number of review requests, not a multiple of the diff-iterations per review request.

After spending 1.5 hours manually installing JCC, PyLucene, etc. on Ubuntu to get what I hoped would be an awesome feature, this is a bit frustrating...

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Ubuntu 9.04

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Notably, searching diffs & comments were 2 of the 4 requirements of the original feature request for adding search:

Where the submitter stated:

"Anyway, I think it'd definitely be useful to allow searching at least:

- titles
- descriptions
- diffs
- comments

I could not find any bug tracking these 2 missing search targets, so that's why this bug was filed.
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Another note on the extent of the usefulness of the existing search feature:
  We use google apps for our email, and each review request generates an email that contains the items that are currently indexed by the in-built reviewboard search.  So I can already do all the searching that reviewboard supports in my email itself.  Plus more, since any review responses are in my email as well, so I can see those in the search.
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I would love this feature too.  The e-mails do not include the diffs (& would be annoying & large if they did) so gmail doesn't have it indexed.  Being able to search for diff content in particular would be super-useful (the rest is indexed in e-mail but we should be able to search those in reviewboard too as it's more convenient).