193: Wish: tight integration with bug trackers

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It would be awesome if there were closer integration with bug trackers.  I
imagine this would behave something like how Trac updates bug tickets when
a checkin references a ticket number.  Review Board could post a update to
the bug with a link to the review request.

Trac, Bugzilla, and Google Code are all good targets for this enhancement.
#1 chipx86
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#2 chipx86
I have some tentative ideas for such a feature (well, a larger feature, but this
would be part of it), but there's a lot of things to consider. Someday, I hope.
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Add a vote for this plus mention Redmine integration to the list of ticketing systems.
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I'm one of the primary developers of Bugzilla and I'm considering implementing
something along these lines within Bugzilla as a replacement for our somewhat aging
"PatchReader" review system. There are two ways to look at this:

1) The bug-tracker is the primary source of tracking patches.
2) Review Board is the primary source of tracking patches.

I'm coming at it from a viewpoint of #1, because:

* Bugzilla already has zillions of users and accounts in tens of thousands of

* Bugzilla has extensive email controls and most developers expect notifications
about bugs and their fixes to come exclusively from Bugzilla. 

* Responses to reviews should probably be in bug comments, because they have a lot to
do with fixing the bug. (This is debatable and different though, depending on the
team using the systems.) Thus, review comments should be bug comments.

The *minimal* system that I imagine would work something like this:

* A user can attach a patch in Bugzilla, and specify a repository (and optionally a
revision, if the patch is not against trunk when attached) from a drop-down that is
limited per-product. Possibly this information could come from review-board, but I'd
need some way to limit the list of repositories per-product (without having to set up
a separate RB instance for each product in Bugzilla).

* Add a "Code Review" button on Bugzilla's Attachment Details page. This would bring
up Review Board in an iframe, with the attached patch right there. It would do this
by creating a review request in RB and then displaying it in review mode immediately.

* All review requests and reviews would at first probably be performed by a single
"Bugzilla" user in RB, unless I could implement some way in RB to re-use Bugzilla

* Once the user's review was complete, they would click "submit" in Bugzilla, which
would submit the review in RB (not quite sure how to do this, given browser XSS
restrictions, but I'm sure I could figure out some way), then extract the review as
plain text and submit it as a comment to Bugzilla with a link to the full "graphical"
review in RB.
#11 jonathan********@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I would love to see support for Atlassian JIRA, along the lines of the proposed Bugzilla integration described in Comment 6.
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Any update on this? I'd be perfectly happy with just being able to register a python function that gets called as a hook on all new review posts, and receives (at a minimum) the branch name, description, summary, and review URL - fine leaving it to me to handle the rest...
#13 david
If you'd like to do it yourself, you can do that with an extension that listens to the "review_request_published" signal and reads the fields from the model.
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I am starting to work on this issue on the Facebook Open Academy. Please post your ideas and feature requests on the review board newsgroup here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/reviewboard/DymDgBu_9_Q/HK91wXJ4PhcJ.
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Here's a ReviewBoard extension I wrote to integrate with bugzilla.  I'm sure it would be easy to extend to other trackers.  https://github.com/joshguffin/rboard_bugzilla
#17 vitali108

Is there a way to have a review request be posted into trac?

#18 girish_s

Can we have reviewboard add a link to the review request in the JIRA issues specified in the bugs section of the review request if the link does not already exist in the JIRA.

#19 basil

Like the others above, I would be very interested in Review Board having the ability to update a JIRA issue with a link back to the review.

#20 chipx86

We want this too. It can be done through a custom extension, but to do it really well, built-in, requires a lot of work on our representation of bug trackers within Review Board. We're aiming to start on this once Review Board 4.0 launches.

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