183: "Publish" should publish all drafts per review request and send one e-mail

1158, 1997, 2915
Sorry for the broad title, but this bug is meant to be an umbrella for
various issues in which I see unnecessary e-mails coming out:

1) In "Review Request" mode, if I am responding to 3 different reviews of
my code, I need to hit "Publish" once for each review made.  Instead of 1
e-mail being sent out to everyone who commented, it sends 1 e-mail to each
person and CC's hosted-ui on every e-mail.

2) Normally updating a diff is done in parallel with responding to previous
review requests.  However, updating a diff automatically send out an
e-mail.   I think you should treat the Upload diff feature as part of a
review, in which they could discard the update if they wanted to.  "Updated
the diff" would appear at the top of the e-mail containing the rest of the
comments the person made.
#1 grossag
I see that case #2 is covered by issue 73.  So I guess this bug is more about case #1.
#2 david
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#3 chipx86
I'm going to hijack this for the "Master draft" functionality people are requesting.
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  • +"Publish" should publish all drafts per review request and send one e-mail
#4 ryan.ga*******@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I'm not certain what "Master draft" includes, but will it handle publishing both the
diff comments and the review comments in one go?  Having to send two emails for this,
or just one for review comments and one for "Ship it!" is not good, IMO.
#5 david
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#6 keithho*******@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Issue #935 (reported by me) is probably a subset of this report or a duplicate.